7 Top Benefits When Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Recently there has been much buzz surrounding Microsoft Dynamics 365. If you would like to find out more about the solutions it offers and the benefits, we have made a list of the top-rated benefits that explains it in a way that is easy to understand. But let us first tell you a bit about what Microsoft Dynamics 365 is about.

Dynamics 365, at this stage, is the only type of cloud-based solution that can offer everything you need when it comes to ERP as well as CRM in one spot. It is able to unify these capabilities into these applications that then work together in a truly seamless manner, across:

  • Project service automation
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Financials
  • Operations
  • Field service
  • Customer service

These types of applications are integrated already with tools you are using such as Outlook or Excel and it manages to bring digital-intelligence power to all the decisions that you make. Another great thing about Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the things that you are able to do with it is growing each day.

Here are the 10 benefits pledged by Rocket CRM that this cloud-based system can offer your business:

1. You only need to start with what you require

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed with simplicity in mind. Here you are able to use an app on its own or in combination with others, which means that you are able to create solutions which match up to your needs. When your company starts to grow and expand and your requirements start to change, you can easily find apps that will promote this growth.

2. Understanding your existing and potential customers in a different way

This cloud-based system brings all sorts of customer data together, which means you are offered with a complete picture when it comes to your customers. You are able to use the pre-built KPIs to find out about the journey of your customers with the real-time updates. You are also offered with a way to personalise customer experience along with a simple way to measure as well as track customer relationship health.

3. Flexibility

When you are offered with monthly operational and subscription model costs it offers a lot more flexibility in comparison to just capital costs. In fact, it could result in cheaper costs as you only have to buy what is needed. Also, Microsoft Dynamics 365 eliminates requirements associated with managing your servers and your data centre, that leads to even more savings.

4. Simplicity

This system works of buying subscriptions according to the role. This will mean you will only subscribe people according to the work they are doing, instead of purchasing a large single license which covers all those roles.

5. Simple to use

Dynamics 365, has been based on the new app market for Microsoft known as AppSource, where it is very easy to locate apps which are matched up to your company needs. This is what has made this solution so easy to use and understand. As soon as your needs begin changing, just search for the apps which can match up to these changes.

6. Scalability

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the monthly subscription packages, that allow for a way to either scale up-or-down as your requirements change. This means you only ever need to pay for the things you need, as you are needing them.

7. Agility

This system has the ability to alter the way in which you manage daily situations and your customer data. Here you can do away with barriers between those vital business platforms which results in making sure your data can work together. This core concept is known as the Microsoft Common Data Model which is known as a “shared business” database. This is the actual glue which will connects all your processes and your data together, doing away with all those different silos for information.

8. Productive

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will encourage more productive employees as they are offered with direct access to insights that is expected from them in order to make better decisions and tools that are needed to complete their tasks. By combining Office, ERP and CRM along with other apps into a single cloud-based experience, on one common data-model, it results in a people-centric platform that results in making daily work for employees easier.

9. Intelligent

Dynamics 365 provides access to those Real-Time Insights with the Built-In Predictive Analytics. Cortana Intelligence, Power BI, along with Azure Machine Learning have been natively embedded, meaning that you have instant access to prescriptive advice, actionable next-steps and predictive insights.

10. Secure

This is a cloud-based solution that offers outstanding robust security along with solid access-controls for apps and your data which are built-in this cloud service, this is inclusive of network connectivity, service-hosting platform, physical datacentre, administration along with user access.

Overall, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers outstanding potential for streamlining your line-of-business and will allow for maximizing agility when it comes to your company, and to decrease your overall costs.